A Random Moment – A Lasting Memory

August 25, 2010

Have you ever thought about the significant moments in your life.  Take a few moments and just let you mind wander and reflect on those times when you knew that this event would never escape your memory.  

Pause for …. 

Now, for the moments that came to the forefront… Are they planned, thought out, prepared for, approached with anticipation, or are they a statement made by someone you barely know, a random encounter, a chance situation?  More than likely, those signficant moments are comprised of both.  A wedding, the birth of a child, graduation coupled with a surprise job promotion, a raise, praise from someone you respect or care about, etc.  Life is both ordinary and extraordinary; would you agree?  With that said, what if we approached the random moments with anticipation of a lasting and significant moment coming just around the corner.  In other words, what if we anticipated GREAT THINGS to come out of what everyone else would consider ordinary or mundane moments of life.  You see @ challengefactor.com, we all strive to take on life’s challenges (aka… goals, aspirations, or the “daily grind”) with the mindset that GREAT THINGS will happen.  Not might but WILL.  Are you with me?  Join us at ChallengeFactor.com, and take on life’s Challenges & Factor the difference!



Playing Without a Bat

May 26, 2010

Now that spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner much of the nation turns its attention to the time-honored tradition and pastime of baseball.   There’s just something special about the game.  When baseball seasons come you know spring time has arrived.  Spring is such a wonderful season; it is a time for birth, rebirth, and new fresh beginnings.   

People love to flock to the ball parks, sit in the sun shine, and watch the players all the way from the pewees to the pros.   Every ball player’s hope and objective when stepping up to the plate is to get on base and hopefully be able to round all the bases to ultimately bring in a run and put some points up on the board. 

 What would you think if you were sitting at a baseball game and the batter walked up to the plate without a bat?  It wouldn’t make a whole lot of senses for a player to do that, would it?

The point of the game is to hit the ball with the bat when it is pitched and hit it well.   It is possible for a player to still get on base without ever having taken a swing.  The pitcher could always throw 4 balls and walk the batter, thereby advancing them to first.  The pitcher could even throw a wild pitch hitting the player allowing them to move on to first base.   It really wouldn’t be a very fun game to watch if player after player were to step up to the plate without a bat and put their fate of success in the hands of the pitcher.

I do not think this is a very realistic depiction of something we will see anytime soon at the ball parks, however we see it every day in real life.   People step up to the plate of life without any tools or equipment in hand to aggressively counter what is thrown their way.  Too often we place or fate in someone else’s hands hoping they will somehow advance us forward in life. 

My challenge to you today is to step up to the plate with full confidence, bat in hand and be ready to swing.  Take control of your situation today and swing for the fences!

Accept the Challenge and Factor the Difference

by Matt Mabe

You can reach Matt at matt@challengefactor.com.


Ready for Lift-Off!

January 25, 2010

Have you ever thought about a plane taking off?

More specifically, how does it get off the ground?

Well, I was considering this over the weekend and did some research on the topic.  I found it especially intriguing that ideally a plane takes off into the wind, so wherever direction the wind is coming from is typically where the plane is heading, initially.  After the “all clear” from the control tower the pilot revs the engine up to a particular percentage of power accelerating the plane and creating airspeed.  The increased airspeed over the wings causes lift, and once the amount of  lift is greater than the weight of the plane, the plane will experience lift-off.

So, here are four quick applications that I think we take from this…

Built for a purpose…  An airplane is built to fly.  To move people and objects from place to place.  If it sits in a hangar or on the runway and never takes off, it is not achieving its potential.  Similarly, I believe we are built for a reason, a purpose.  We all have great potential and life allows us the opportunities to strive and aspire to reach that potential.  Like the plane that sits in the hangar, if choose not to use our gifts and talents, we will simply not get off the ground.  What is your purpose?  Are you doing anything about it?

Going against the wind… To increase airspeed, the pilot would rather take-off against the wind creating lift faster.  What if we were to go against traditional thought?  Sure, there would be opposition and it would not be easy.  It is always easier to go along with things as they happen, but have you considered what would happen if you turned things around.  Much like the plane generating increased airspeed and faster lift, I believe that to also be true of ourselves once we stand up and commit.

–   Lighten your load… The heavier the plane, the more airspeed it will take to create lift.  Are you carrying a lot of luggage?  Maybe its emotional, physical, professional luggage, it really doesn’t matter because it all adds weight.  What can you do to lighten your load?  If there is no excess baggage, then that is when we must formulate a game plan on how to transport it effectively.   In life, bags don’t fly free.

Planes have wings… Without air rushing past the wings of the plane creating The Bernoulli Effect, there would be no lift-off.  The Bernoulli Effect states the pressure in air decreases as the speed of the air increases.  So, the faster the air over the top of the wing lowers the pressure and creates lift.  The wing is paramount to getting off the ground.  Do you have wings?  I am not talking about a bad hair day.  I am talking about someone or, better yet someones, standing by you and supporting your efforts to experience flight in your life.  I know I do, but if I didn’t, I think I would still be grounded.  Isn’t it interesting that because the positive effect of the wings that the airspeed pressure actually decreases.  I think it is also true if we have people we can count on that it decreases situational pressure, so we become more free to pursue our goals.

So, this is control tower, we are giving you the “all clear”, and you are “Ready for Lift-Off”!

by Sheldon Nadeau

Sheldon is the co-founder of ChallengeFactor.com and an Independent Associate for Isagenix International.  You can reach him at sheldon@challengefactor.com.


2010 – Time to Begin Again?

December 23, 2009

2010 – Time to Begin Again?

By Sheldon Nadeau

Well, here we are on the verge of yet another year, another decade, and with the New Year comes those infamous resolutions.  Infamous because it seems resolutions are often dropped, even forgotten within a few days or a week, or maybe some will last a month.  For many this year may be just another year due to the repeated occurrences of disappointment, setback, failure, defeat; plus, with each passing year and the mounting unfulfilled resolutions of New Years’ past, the very thought of a resolution may seem like going through the motion of creating yet another potential discouragement.  Why even bother?

Here’s why.  An indifferent, “do nothing” attitude is far worse than any potential setback or disappointment.  Just think with each defeat, victory is that much closer.  I am reminded of the Light Bulb.  Why?  Well, it has been extensively documented Thomas Edison failed many times before finally patenting the incandescent light bulb, and he describes his mindset about this passionate pursuit mired in defeat with this quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  That mindset propelled Edison to arguably one of the greatest inventions of all time.  That mindset can propel you to become a better you, and that is precisely why I have termed this method of goal setting as the Light Bulb Approach!

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – What is your light bulb?  Define your goal and be specific.  Often failure is a result of a lack of clarity.  As succinct as possible, write down a measurable goal that could include milestones.

Step 2 – Flip the switch.  Turn around the negative attitude and begin looking on the bright side.  In order for you to accomplish anything meaningful, it will take resolve and passion to stay positive and keep going.

Step 3 – Let your light shine.  Tell others what you are planning to do, so they are not left in the dark.  A goal that is held within is often a goal that is unfulfilled.  By telling others you can be encouraged when your light begins to flicker.

Step 4 – Change your bulb, if necessary.  Be flexible with your goal.  It could be the bulb you picked out shines a little too bright or may even be too dull.  As long as you are adaptive and measuring your pursuit, you will not run the risk of getting burned out.

Step 5 –  Enlighten others.  If what you are doing is working for you, then share your light with others, so they too can be encouraged by your accomplishment.  This approach is not only about lighting up your own life, but about spreading the light to others.

Yes, 2010 is time to begin again.  And, I challenge you to make this year one to remember, so it will be a building block for 2011.

About the author:  Sheldon Nadeau is the co-founder of Challengefactor.com and independent associate for Isagenix.  Being active and encouraging others to do the same is at the core of what drives him.  For more about Isagenix, visit www.sheldon1.isagenix.com, and Challenge Factor, go to www.challengefactor.com.


Are you up to the Challenge?

November 17, 2009

Are you taking on any challenges right now?  Do you ASPIRE to conquer a challenge that you think is just not possible?  If your answer to either of those questions is No, then, we want to encourage to rethink your abilities.  At Challenge Factor, we BELIEVE that the only way to reach your full potential is to put yourself in a position where you really don’t know what the outcome will be.  In that moment, when doubt creeps in, that is when determination, endurance, and perseverance come into play.  It won’t be easy, but if it was, then it would not be that rewarding, would it?  Experience your full potential by accepting (embracing) the challenges that either confront you or you take on, then factor the difference.  Experience momentum in life.  It truly is possible!  The other cool part about this mindset is that your full potential keeps growing.  How far can you go?  What can you do?  Questions that only you can answer!

By way of an update, we are quickly working what we think will be an extremely useful tool that will enable the growing list of Challengers to begin again.  That is, to “green light” those dreams that have developed cobwebs in your mind’s eye.  It is time to dream again and to live out those dreams.  Please keep checking back with Challengefactor.com, we are very excited to keep this brand rolling forward because we think this will leave a mark that will be as wide as we (that includes you) want it to be! 

A(spire) B(elieve) C(onquer)



Days 3 and 4 – Show Me Challenge

September 17, 2009

Day 3 – 124 Mile Bike Ride!

Day 4 – 26.2 Mile Run – Finished at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis


Show Me Challenge – Aspired > Believed > Conquered!

September 17, 2009

finish pics 2

The Show Me Challenge has been Conquered by the Factor Founders!  After running and riding 283 miles in just over 30 hours in a span of four days, we have climbed this mountain!  Just as important to us, we were able to raise over $5,600 for the Touched By Cancer Foundation.  We want to thank each of you who generously and graciously donated to support our efforts and this great foundation.

It was not easy as you can see by the videos, but it was a Challenge worth fighting to Conquer.  There is no way it would have been possible without our sponsors, and I would like to take just a few sentences to recognize them.

First, and foremost, Koach Karl of Athlon Endurance was absolutely critical.  Koach put us in a position for success.  From the moment we met on an early Saturday morning back in late May until the finish line at the Arch, Koach was right there with us encouraging us to keep going.  I highly recommend you check out www.koachkarl.com.  He can and will help you go farther than you ever thought possible.  His motto is… “No Boundaries”, and he constantly encourages his clients not to set limits because we are all capable of more than we think.

Also, we want to say a special thank you to Staybridge Suites in Independence (specifically, Noble Hospitality), Columbia, and St. Louis for the accommodations, which is the perfect place to stay whether on business or out with the whole family.  Please visit www.staybridgesuites.com for more details on this great hotel.

Bike America, www.bikekc.com, Garry Gribbles Running Sports, www.garrygribbles.com, were two great sponsors that provided a tremendous amount of support.  They will meet all of your biking and running needs to keep you going.

We also would like to thank Endurance Planet, www.enduranceplanet.com, for the coverage before and during the event.  Also, there is no doubt in my mind that we would not have been as successful in this event had it not been for great nutrition.  The fuel for the Show Me Challenge was Isagenix.  Please visit www.sheldon1.isagenix.com for more details on Isagenix.

Last, and certainly not least, both Matt and I would like to thank our family, friends, and business associates for their incredible support for this event.  We would not have been able to get through the last 4-1/2 months of training and through these 4 grueling days had it not been for the great encouragement of each of you.

We are already considering our next Challenge.  What will it be?  Where will we go?  Please stay tuned for more from the Factor Founders.  In the meantime, check out products page on our website.  Purchase some inspirational apparel to keep you and others going!  Start issuing challenges right from www.challengefactor.com.  Please let us know your comments.  We are pumped about the direction of Challenge Factor, and it will only be successful because of you!


finish pics