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Ready for Lift-Off!

January 25, 2010

Have you ever thought about a plane taking off?

More specifically, how does it get off the ground?

Well, I was considering this over the weekend and did some research on the topic.  I found it especially intriguing that ideally a plane takes off into the wind, so wherever direction the wind is coming from is typically where the plane is heading, initially.  After the “all clear” from the control tower the pilot revs the engine up to a particular percentage of power accelerating the plane and creating airspeed.  The increased airspeed over the wings causes lift, and once the amount of  lift is greater than the weight of the plane, the plane will experience lift-off.

So, here are four quick applications that I think we take from this…

Built for a purpose…  An airplane is built to fly.  To move people and objects from place to place.  If it sits in a hangar or on the runway and never takes off, it is not achieving its potential.  Similarly, I believe we are built for a reason, a purpose.  We all have great potential and life allows us the opportunities to strive and aspire to reach that potential.  Like the plane that sits in the hangar, if choose not to use our gifts and talents, we will simply not get off the ground.  What is your purpose?  Are you doing anything about it?

Going against the wind… To increase airspeed, the pilot would rather take-off against the wind creating lift faster.  What if we were to go against traditional thought?  Sure, there would be opposition and it would not be easy.  It is always easier to go along with things as they happen, but have you considered what would happen if you turned things around.  Much like the plane generating increased airspeed and faster lift, I believe that to also be true of ourselves once we stand up and commit.

–   Lighten your load… The heavier the plane, the more airspeed it will take to create lift.  Are you carrying a lot of luggage?  Maybe its emotional, physical, professional luggage, it really doesn’t matter because it all adds weight.  What can you do to lighten your load?  If there is no excess baggage, then that is when we must formulate a game plan on how to transport it effectively.   In life, bags don’t fly free.

Planes have wings… Without air rushing past the wings of the plane creating The Bernoulli Effect, there would be no lift-off.  The Bernoulli Effect states the pressure in air decreases as the speed of the air increases.  So, the faster the air over the top of the wing lowers the pressure and creates lift.  The wing is paramount to getting off the ground.  Do you have wings?  I am not talking about a bad hair day.  I am talking about someone or, better yet someones, standing by you and supporting your efforts to experience flight in your life.  I know I do, but if I didn’t, I think I would still be grounded.  Isn’t it interesting that because the positive effect of the wings that the airspeed pressure actually decreases.  I think it is also true if we have people we can count on that it decreases situational pressure, so we become more free to pursue our goals.

So, this is control tower, we are giving you the “all clear”, and you are “Ready for Lift-Off”!

by Sheldon Nadeau

Sheldon is the co-founder of and an Independent Associate for Isagenix International.  You can reach him at