A Random Moment – A Lasting Memory

August 25, 2010

Have you ever thought about the significant moments in your life.  Take a few moments and just let you mind wander and reflect on those times when you knew that this event would never escape your memory.  

Pause for …. 

Now, for the moments that came to the forefront… Are they planned, thought out, prepared for, approached with anticipation, or are they a statement made by someone you barely know, a random encounter, a chance situation?  More than likely, those signficant moments are comprised of both.  A wedding, the birth of a child, graduation coupled with a surprise job promotion, a raise, praise from someone you respect or care about, etc.  Life is both ordinary and extraordinary; would you agree?  With that said, what if we approached the random moments with anticipation of a lasting and significant moment coming just around the corner.  In other words, what if we anticipated GREAT THINGS to come out of what everyone else would consider ordinary or mundane moments of life.  You see @ challengefactor.com, we all strive to take on life’s challenges (aka… goals, aspirations, or the “daily grind”) with the mindset that GREAT THINGS will happen.  Not might but WILL.  Are you with me?  Join us at ChallengeFactor.com, and take on life’s Challenges & Factor the difference!



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